3 Benefits of Changing Your Air Filters

May 30 2013
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If you live in a hot or cold area, chances are that you’re going to be making use of your heating or air conditioning filters. These systems can run more efficiently if you do proper general maintenance on them. Here are the benefits of changing your air filter on a regular basis:
  1. Longevity: When the filter in your heating or cooling unit is clogged, it doesn’t allows air to flow throughout the machine, which means it runs the motor harder to get the job done. Changing your Filtrete filter once a month gives your motor a rest. A motor that has an easy time doing its job will have a longer life span.
  2. Energy: You save energy when you change your air filter, meaning you could possibly save hundreds of dollars keeping the filter clean. When the motor has to work harder, that means it’s using more electricity, which should be reflected on your energy bill.
  3. Air Quality: If you don’t change your Honeywell furnace filter every month you will find that dust, pollen and other particles will be floating around your home. If you are an asthmatic or suffer from allergies it would benefit you to change out your system’s air filter regularly. If you have children, you would be happy to know that clean air prevents the development of breathing problems in the future.
If you neglect your heating and cooling system, it will cost you more money every month to run, and it will ultimately reduce the longevity of your machines. Air filters are relatively cheap to buy in comparison with heavy maintenance, high energy bill or a whole new machine if it wears out. Your Filter Connection supplies the right filter for your unit to keep your unit working properly.

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