3 Reasons to Change Your Air Filter Before Summer or Winter

March 15 2015
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
Written by: Your Filter Connection   Your HVAC unit will be put to greater use this summer and winter, and with it will come a higher energy bill. Changing your filter before these peak use times will help not only maintain the quality of your air, but the life and effectiveness of an HVAC unit. So get ready to replace your old air conditioner filters to save a bit of cash this summer and winter, and to extend the life of your heating and cooling system.   Added HVAC Life A dirty filter causes more damage than you think. The dirt found in an old filter can stop the flow of air and cause systems to work harder and even overheat. Adding a replacement furnace filter can improve the quality of air and the lifespan of a unit.   Polluting an HVAC System An old filter causes the device to work hard, but it too damages the air quality and even forces more repairs on an HVAC system. Even worse, use from an older filter allows you to breath in smog, smoke and pollen. Meanwhile, your bed, carpet and even floors collect dust mites that can further aggravate your allergies.   Energy Costs A replacement Honeywell air filter before peak seasons can increase your unit’s effectiveness while lowering your energy bill. A clogged filter requires more work from the HVAC unit, an added load that shows up on your energy bill.  
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