3M Filters: One of Our Favorite Filters

August 30 2013
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Those of us here at Your Filter Connection try not to play favorites when it comes to filters.  However, it’s undeniable that 3M filters are some of the highest quality filters available on the market today.  They are incredibly well-made and affective filters.  3M filters come in a variety of sizes and can also be bought in bulk.  That means that you can buy all the 3m furnace filters that you’re going to need in one sitting right from the comfort of your own home! 3M filters are rated in two different ways.  They come with a high micro particle performance rating known as “MPR” and a minimum efficiency reporting value rating known as “MERV.”  These ratings help to assess the performance of the filter as well as the sizes.  The MPR rating essentially measures the filter’s ability to capture particles.  3M Filters are known for trapping a large quantity of particles. As stated before in the blog, it’s important to change them out every three months in order to ensure the most efficient use.  However, the effectiveness of your filters can vary depending on the specific conditions in your home.  For example, a 3m furnace filter placed among a dirty duct, excessive construction, pets, and smoking, may need to be replaced sooner than the three month mark. When it comes to the 3m Filtrete filters, there is the option to select micro allergen products which is a great option for those suffering from allergies.  The 3m Filtrete filters are some of the highest quality 1” filters available on the market.  They come individually wrapped in the proper packaging in order to ensure that you’ll get the most out of them.

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