Air Filters For A Cleaner And Healthy Air At Home

April 24 2013
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Filtrete air filters is a popular brand widely used around the world to clean the air circulating in your home. These could be installed on a home’s furnace filter or through the air conditioner filter to catch unwanted airborne pollutants and allergens. Air is one of the major sources of virus and bacteria transfers that could trigger diseases in people. Based on studies, it has shown that poor air quality at homes is one of the top 5 causes of respiratory problems in children and the elderly. Installing a proper air filter at home will not only prevent you from acquiring these diseases and improve your overall health, but will also prevent foul odor build ups caused by fungi and molds. To ensure that you get better health benefits, aside from installing a good air filter you must also improve your home’s ventilation. It is important to keep your air filter clean by having it checked periodically as well as maintaining it yourself every month. Dirty filters could spike energy consumption for up to 30%, you will have to make sure that you check your air filter for at least once a month to clean or replace if necessary. Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. The company Your Filter Connection has long been a great source of high quality and popular brands of air filters such as electrostatic furnace filter, Filtrete 3M air filter and even replacement Honeywell air filter.

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