Basic HVAC Maintenance

May 29 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
Maintaining your HVAC system may require a technician, but there are certain fixes you can do yourself if you know what to look for. Written by: Your Filter Connection HVAC maintenance can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learning simple concepts, like how to replace a residential air filter, will help alleviate some of those costs. That’s common maintenance work that should be performed on an HVAC system, but it’s not the only piece of advice. Filters A 3m filter is replaceable, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. The advantage is that you breathe better when you have less particulate matter in the air. Unfortunately, these filters can become dirty as you use the unit. You are supposed to replace these as needed, but if you don’t inspect the filter for grime you might not know. It’s recommended that you check your filter monthly, especially under periods of heavy use. Coils The coils of the unit can become dusty, which will inhibit your unit’s ability to cool your space. It’s important that you remove the cover of the unit and inspect the coils for dust. That dust causes your system to work double time as it forces coolant through poorly insulated pipes. Turn the unit off, then wipe the coils down with a damp rag to clean them. Preparing for Seasons Always check your home air filters before the warm and dry period starts. Your AC will already have to work hard to heat the home, blocked filtration will only lower the quality and increase your cooling bill. You should also cover the room’s air conditioning unit during winter to prevent moisture from damaging the seals.

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