Climate Control Systems: Change Your Filters

October 24 2013
Tagged in 3m Filters
If you own a business and have employees, then it is crucial that you have concern for their well being when they are under your roof. More than just simple decency, it is a function of the law that they will remain safe when they are on the clock. If your business is within an office building, then climate control will be a device that is used daily. And while this may be for the benefit of your workforce, if you neglect to change your 3M air filters, or other brands, on a consistent basis, the comfort of your employees may change. In fact, the environment can become deadly. While the climate control may seem like an automatically functioning device, it retains it's positive qualities if it is regularly serviced. This is a necessity for a healthy workplace. Air conditioning and heater filters remove dangerous or irritating particles from the air. However, these same filters eventually become filled or plugged by these same particles. This can produce two effects. The first is that the filter becomes ineffective and, in some cases, can actually begin to break down. This can release many harmful particles into the air, from allergens and mold to carcinogens and ash. This may produce many adverse reactions from any number of your employees. Even with a local electrostatic air filter to gather particles, this will not do the job that vent filters can. For the sake and safety of the people who work for you, don't neglect this simple job. The second is that a clogged filter can lead to the malfunction of your climate control system. These devices require a constant flow of air to work effectively. For the sake of your equipment, service them with products available at Your Filter Connection on a regular basis.

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