Different Types of HVAC Filters

October 31 2014
Tagged in HVAC Filters
Heating and air conditioning filters are designed to remove suspended particles from the air that circulates through an HVAC system. These filters improve indoor air quality while keeping dirt and dust from accumulating inside an HVAC unit. A clean unit operates more efficiently, which prolongs the life of the unit while reducing operating costs. It is important that the correct type and size filter be used. The most common type of air filter is the disposable fiberglass model that consists of interwoven layers supported by a wire frame. It is recommended that this inexpensive filter be changed once a month. Another popular throwaway model is the polyester or fiberglass pleated filter. The tightly woven layers and pleated design is more efficient at trapping particles due to the larger surface area. Electrostatic filters are designed to produce a charge as air passes through the material. The charge attracts and traps airborne particles on the surface of the filter, which can be washed when it becomes dirty. High-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters are the most efficient design. They are capable of trapping up to 99.97 percent of particles due to their randomly arranged pleated fibers. Newer designs for heating and air conditioner filters include activated carbon and electronic filters. Activated carbon filters are designed to absorb odors and other impurities as well as trap dirt and dust. This filter works well in homes with pets. Another washable design, electronic filters use electricity to create the charge that attracts suspended particles. Order your next replacement Honywell air filter from Your Filter Connection and enjoy shipping directly to your home.

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