Furnace Air Filter Needs Change with the Seasons

January 06 2015
Tagged in Furnace Filters
As the seasons change, so do the harmful particles floating through the air. When shopping for a new furnace air filter, it’s useful to take into consideration the different particles for each season that may become problematic. The levels of contaminants in the air will vary with the changing temperatures throughout the year. A new filter specific to the season can help keep your home safe.   The information on a Honeywell furnace filter package will indicate the type of protection each kind of filter offers. For example, some are built to catch small particles such as bacteria and mold, while others trap large particles like dust and pet dander.   In warmer months, choosing a filter that’s designed to handle outdoor allergens will be greatly beneficial. As the flora blooms, the pollen count rises, and the abundance of plant and mold spores increases. Outdoor pollution also generally increases during the warmer months as the air becomes more stagnate. Many filters are equipped to trap smog and other pollutants that amplify in the heat.   The cooler temperatures bring their own set of dangerous contaminants which an appropriate air filter can help combat. Smoke from various heat sources can send billions of harmful particles into the air. In addition, when people bring out their blankets and warm clothing that have been tucked away during the warmer months, they emit dust, mites, and even mold particles into the air. Purchasing a filter designed to battle all these will help keep air inside the home safe throughout the colder seasons.

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