Home Air Filtration: Three Classifications

October 24 2013
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
The benefits of air filters are countless. They keep us safe from pollutants and free of allergies, capture harmful viruses or bacteria, and in some instances, break down noxious gasses. While the most common home air filter utilizes a fiber system to capture particulates, modern engineering have designed many variations. What follows are descriptions of the three major types of home air filter. The first category are the well know particle removers. The standard mechanical air filters use the fiber system touched upon in the previous paragraph. However, electronic air filters utilize another process. These are almost as widely used in homes as the familiar fiber systems, from the electrostatic furnace filter to devices that produce ions into the surrounding environment. In some of these filters there is no actual filtration system, using charged ions instead to remove particles from the air. The second category consists of gaseous pollutant removal systems. Most of these tend to be for industrial use since they only filter out the specific gasses. And while they are effective in their jobs, foreign substances remain untouched. They can only be catered for specific usage. Though they may not appear with the usual can residential air filter, they can be found in a few select homes. The final category are filters for pollutant destruction. The catalyst is UV lamps that produce ultraviolet radiation. While they may sound imposing, there are times when these filters are effective at preserving life due to their ability to attack and destroy various viruses and deadly bacteria. In addition, UV light, utilizing fellow chemical catalysts, can be extremely effective in breaking down harmful gasses and chemicals as well. All of us at Your Filter Connection are more than happy to help you find which variation will work best in your home.

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