How Allergen Triggers Work

September 16 2014
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Allergens are everywhere, but our homes mostly do a good job of protecting us. Where people tend to run into problems is with ventilation and air filters. Good ventilation can greatly improve the quality of air in your home. Poor ventilation can create problems with your respiratory system, and cause complications in your breathing. Learning what triggers these problems will help you avoid situations that cause allergens in the future. Physiological Reaction Allergy triggers are unique from person to person, so two people can experience the same trigger causing different symptoms. The lungs can’t draw enough air in, and that causes the victim to suffer coughing and wheezing fits. The importance of identifying triggers is a life or death matter in some cases. Asthmatics and people with severe respiratory disorders can stop breathing altogether. Cutting Indoor Triggers Aside from installing a replacement furnace filter, there are some steps you can take to cut the risk of allergens. For instance, just asking smokers to step outside will make a big difference. Switching from a wood to gas burning fireplace is another method to help improve your breathing. Bugs can also cause problems, especially those that live in the walls. The mess left behind by these pests is the perfect size to seep into your respiratory system. Final Thoughts Proper ventilation is the first step toward improving your body’s response to allergens. Open windows and cut down on bad particulates in the home. HVAC filters will always help, but they are not the only solution. Related Story: Better Air Equals a Better Home Related Story: 11 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality Your Filter Connection sells HVAC filters for home and residential use online. Order a replacement Honeywell furnace filter online today at Your Filter Connection.

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