How Replacing Your Filtrete Air Filter Saves Cash

May 30 2013
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A Filtrete air filter is incredibly inexpensive compared to the repairs you would need to make to your heating and cooling systems if you don’t replace it often. It is generally recommended that you replace your air filter at least once every three months, but preferably every month. A once enough inspection is adequate for ensuring that your heating or cooling system is working properly.  If you take good care of your heater or cooling system by changing out the filter frequently enough, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Most filters are made of lightweight fiberglass, and remove a great amount of dust and debris from the air. Heater filters are much higher quality and remove a greater quantity of debris, yet they are relatively still inexpensive. Households with members suffering from allergies can greatly benefit from having their filter changed once a month. Electrostatic filters remove air particles and can be reused. These filters are the most expensive of the three. For heating, the best value you can get is to install a basic furnace filter every one to three months. Small filters and filters that undergo frequent use need to be changed more often. If you don’t change your air filter frequently enough, you will find that all the pet dander, dust and pollen starts to collect on your filter and then eventually makes it very difficult to pass through. Dirty air filters prevent your unit from heating or cooling your house quickly and efficiently. This longer run time means higher energy bills and more maintenance to heating and cooling device components. Experts at Your Filter Connection can help you find the right filter for your device.

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