How to Reduce Pet Dander with Filters

April 05 2016
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If you suffer from severe allergies, but love your pet, you may need to work a little harder to reduce the dander in your home. When it comes to giving up your loved animal or taking a few extra steps to avoid doing so, you will likely choose the latter. An electrostatic air filter, for instance, will allow you to improve your indoor air quality in this situation and reduce your allergy symptoms at the same time.

Change your Filters

Keeping the air clean and fresh in your home when you have a pet is always important. It’s recommended for you to put in new air or furnace filters at least every one to three months for optimal results.

This will help reduce the amount of dander that accumulates in your home daily significantly.

Use an HEPA filter

Consider using a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter in your living space if you have pets and suffer from allergies. This type must have meet certain standards that are set by the United States Department of Energy. (DOE)

The HEPA filter is required to remove 99.97 particles of that are within a specific size. This type of filter will work harder to ensure the air in your home is purified.

Being able to enjoy your pet and reduce your allergy symptoms is entirely possible to do at the same time. Be sure to purchase the best air filter to meet your individual needs.

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