How to Replace an HVAC Air Filter

October 08 2014
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter , HVAC Filters
Written by: Your Filter Connection Changing your own air filter is easy to do and it increases the longevity of your HVAC system. The tell-tale hum of the HVAC unit is one of the first signs that your AC system isn’t working as it should be. One of the first areas to investigate this issue is your home air filter. If the filter is blocked, or clogged, harmful allergens may also spread throughout the home as well. The following will reveal how to do this yourself and save valuable time and money. To change it, one has to locate your residential air filter. You will need to extract the filter, to check its size and replace it. If you have a wall unit, remove the filter guard and lift the filter out from the inside of your home. HVAC units tend to have the filter in a closet, where you can unscrew a panel to slide the filter in and out of its slot. Look for identifying numbers that will give the exact replacement part for your air conditioner. Now call your local store and ask for a quality replacement like a Filtrete brand filter. Procure this and then insert back into the unit. Gentle force might be required but do not shove the filter back into place. Fasten or screw the part to reassemble it. Turn on the unit and make sure that air flow through the filter is unimpeded. Note the date that you replaced the filter, and be sure that you check it again within three months of that date. Place the covers back on and kick back to enjoy your restored level of cool air on a hot day.

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