Keeping Your Home Safe From Airborne Allergens And Pollutants

April 25 2013
Tagged in Air Filter , Furnace Filters , Home Air Filters
An electrostatic furnace filter is your best equipment to combat harmful airborne molecules that causes sickness and other respiratory disorders in your home. There are various brands and types of filters available in the market today such as the Filtrete 3M furnace filters. Children are very vulnerable to bacteria and virus, their fragile bodies are not fully developed to fight these elements. To keep your children safe and healthy you need to make sure that you place them in an environment fit for them. Poor air quality is one of the sources of sickness and diseases, to improve the quality of air indoor, it is recommended to install a furnace air filter that can catch up to 98 to 99% of unwanted allergens and pollutants. It can also prevent molds and fungi which are the leading source of bad odor. Air filters can be purchased either reusable or disposable, regardless of what you decide to purchase it has to be properly maintained at least every thirty days. Cleaning a furnace air filter is easy, simply pull out the sponge-like filter and look through it, if you cannot see through then it is time to replace or clean it. You may wash your reusable filter in a kitchen sink or better yet, outside your home. Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. The company sells high quality and trusted filter brands such as the 3M Filtrete air filter as well as filters from Honeywell.

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