Maintaining an HVAC System

June 10 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Written by: Your Filter Connection Maintaining an HVAC system can get expensive, so anything you can do yourself will save money in the long-term. HVAC systems require maintenance, the same as any other device with moving parts. The difference is that you can do much of this maintenance yourself if you want to save money. A residential air filter is quite simple to replace, and it will save you the cost of having a technician come out to your house for an evaluation. Without proper maintenance, you’ll be spending a lot more on routine fixes to keep your system running efficiently. Budgeting the home expenses is a difficult prospect for families of any size, not to mention that time is increasingly becoming a factor for couples in the US. Fortunately, you can purchase a permanent 3m filtrete filter that can cut down on some of those costs. No more monthly replacements. With a permanent filter, you disassemble the unit and clean the filter. 3m furnace filters block particulate matter from circulating throughout your home. With a furnace filter, pet dander and pollen from the outdoors are caught. As those particulates build up, they can block your filter and decrease the efficiency of your entire unit. You can usually tell you have a blockage because of the decreased air flow, but it takes a toll on your parts too. When you maintain your HVAC system, you save yourself money down the road from costly repairs. It’s not terribly difficult to change air conditioning filters, so keep up with the maintenance. Try permanent filters if the monthly cost is weighing on you. The upfront cost is a bit higher, but the long term savings make up for it.

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