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April 23 2013
Tagged in Home Air Filters

Most homes in the United States uses air filters such as 3M air filters to clean the air they breathe. Most office building installs these as well to enhance and maintain the health of their employees or workers. 3M filters are widely popular around the world because of its efficiency of catching air pollutants and allergens by up to a whopping rate of 99%.

Air filters are usually installed next to a home or building’s furnace, it uses a sponge like filter to clean the air circulating the premises. Various brands as well as sizes are readily available in different stores in the market, some stores offer customized sizes to fit modern homes and buildings. Dust, molds, smoke, animal hair and fungi are a few examples of harmful allergens and pollutants that could trigger unwanted health conditions such as respiratory ailments on children. Aside from installing an air filter in your home or office, it should also be properly maintained to ensure that it is working efficiently. Check on the filter at least every 30 days and clean or replace if needed. Filters in general looks like a sponge which can easily show if it is filled with dust or not. Maintaining could also prevent damaging and equipment breakdown.

Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. The company Your Filter Connection is a great source of various types and brands of filters including an electrostatic furnace filter perfect for your home and office.

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