Troubleshooting a Furnace

July 05 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
Before you call a heating technician, try these tips for troubleshooting a problem furnace. Your furnace provides the heat to your home, but it does get clogged overtime. There are several steps you can take before you call a technician. If you can narrow down the problem, you can fix it yourself or save money on a technician’s diagnosis. Furnace Produces No Heat If your furnace is producing no heat, the first thing you should do is check that the thermostat is set low enough to fire on the unit. There may also be a blown fuse or a bad circuit breaker to blame. Also check your furnace pilot light to be sure that it’s lit and burning properly. Look for the contacts in the thermostat, if you have a non-digital version, and clean those. Then try adjusting the dial by a few degrees to see if that makes a difference. Furnace Produces Little Heat If the furnace produces almost no heat, the culprit is almost always the 3m filtrete filter. You need to replace these filters on a regular basis, usually every few months. Check with the manufacturer for more specific guidelines. Your gas burners may also be dirty, causing heat to be distributed unevenly. You might want to call a service technician when you’re working with the burners. Furnace Shuts Off at Random The 3m furnace filter can also cause the furnace to shut off seemingly at random. If you find your furnace performing oddly, consider inspecting the blower to be sure it is clean. If you are still having issues with your system, it might be best to call a technician. Your Filter Connection sells 3m air filter units to replace residential and commercial air filters. Find out how to increase the air quality in your home with Your Filter Connection.

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