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August 30 2013
Tagged in Home Air Filters
At Your Filter Connection, we are absolutely dedicated to helping you with all of your filter needs.  It’s not always easy to find the right size or design that you need.  It is also extremely common to buy filters that are not made with great efficiency which means that they cannot do their job right.  The right filters should not become clogged up easily and should help to lessen issues with allergies.  If your current air conditioner filter isn’t working right and you don’t want to risk a complete malfunction, then you have come to the right place. We are proud to share that we carry over forty different brands of filters and an even bigger variety when it comes to the size of the filter.  We carry filters for everything from air conditioning systems to heaters, humidifiers and water systems.  The great thing is that we offer filters for every budget out there. We make sure to carry items with high MERV ratings, such as the 3m filtrate air filter.  Our detailed website also gives information concerning the MERV ratings of the filters.  MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and these numbers were assigned by the American Society of Heating.  Essentially, the higher a MERV rating that filters have, the better the performance of the filter.  We carry a variety of filters, such as replacement furnace filters, with superior MERV ratings.  Only the best for our valued customers!

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