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September 30 2013
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Your Filter Connection is a proud distributor of Filtrete filters.  Our quality filters all come with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).  The 3M Filtrete filter has a MERV rating from 8 for dust and pollen all the way to 12 for ultra-allergen filtration. What makes the Filtrete filter so efficient at trapping allergens?  Many of the particles that cycle through the air are either positive or negatively charged.  The technology behind the Filtrate air filters that we provided targets these air pollutants specifically by having fibers that are positively charged and other fibers that are negatively charged.  This makes the charged particles in the air stick to the filter even if they are small enough to pass through the gaps in the filter.  Electronic air cleaners also accomplish this same level of filtration, however, the cost of most of these units runs anywhere between $500-800 and require more maintenance making the Filtrete filters more cost effective and easier on the upkeep. The material used in a Filtrete filter does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi under normal circumstances.  This is accomplished through the technology of the material itself, not through the addition of any chemicals or similar treatments to the filter.  Like all other home air filters, a Filtrete filter will not eliminate the need for dusting your home, however, it may reduce the amount of dust in your home.  This is because the air also carries particles that are about 100 microns in size which settle on furniture before ever reaching your air filter. Your Filter Connection carries a variety of solutions for your filtration needs.  We distribute residential air filter products from such brand names as Honeywell as well as Filrete.

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