What is a Furnace Filter Whistle?

April 27 2017
furnace filter whistle

What is a Furnace Filter Whistle?

Quick Answer: A furnace filter whistle makes a sound when a filter is clogged 50%. Your furnace filter heating and energy efficiency will be negatively impacted by a clogged filter, so reusable furnace filter whistles let you know when it is time to replace the furnace filter.


How do you know when your furnace filter is clogged? This is where a furnace filter whistle comes in.

Although simple, this accessory proves to be incredibly useful in determining when your furnace may require an air filter replacement.

If you are tired of constantly looking for signs of a clogged/dirty filter or just can’t seem to figure out when you should get your air filter replaced, this whistle is the ultimate solution. It functions in a way that instantly alerts the homeowner in circumstances the air filter is clogged by dirt, debris, pet dander, and other harmful airborne elements. The whistle is easily attachable to all types of air filters and sizes.

As soon as your furnace filter is clogged at 50%, you will begin to hear a small alert in the sound of a whistle. Most of furnace filter whistles are available with simple use instructions and offer great convenience to homeowners. This makes it easier for you to determine when an air filter replacement is needed, hence preventing dirt and debris from making any sort of negative impact on the furnaces’ energy and efficiency.

Since you can have the air filter replaced almost instantly from when the whistle starts blowing, you won’t have to worry about seeing higher energy costs. The whistle also makes it a habit to regularly change your filters to help deal with problems like allergies and improve overall air quality of your home, as the furnace works more efficiently. This can save you money on future repairs and maintenance, which could be caused by dirty filters because your furnace is forced to work harder when clogged.

As the whistling noise continues to blow until you have the air filter changed, homeowners may also begin to take their furnace cleaning more seriously. This ensures that whenever filters get 50% clogged, you can conduct a thorough cleaning process to have the internals of the entire system cleaned and functioning optimally again. Benefits of these useful products include:

  • Easily Attachable to Furnace Filters – You can find various furnace filter whistles in the market from varied brands that can easily be attached to the filter. Installation is quite easy and the whistle is typically hooked in the center of the filter to indicate when it becomes 50% clogged.
  • Promotes Better Energy Efficiency – As mentioned earlier, clogged filters running in your furnace could result in your heating/cooling system to operate less efficiently. By installing filter whistles, you can help keep your home heated/cooled more effectively, while avoiding the wastage of energy.
  • Green Savings – Since you are regularly changing your filters and keeping your furnace clean, you can avoid spending as much as 15% extra on home heating and cooling costs. Of course, the whistle may be an additional expense, but it will help in saving money down the road for homeowners.
  • Reusable – One of the best things about using furnace filter whistles are that they are reusable. As soon as the filter is clogged, you are informed about replacing it. You can remove the whistle from the old filter and equip it on the newer one. This ensures you don’t have to spend extra money buying a new whistle repeatedly.

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Furnace Filter Whistle Install from National Energy Foundation on Vimeo.

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