What to Learn from Confessions of an Air Conditioning Repair Man

August 29 2014
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
HVAC repair is a physical job. These techs spend a lot of time out in the heat repairing your AC unit, but they also come across a lot of simple foul-ups people create for themselves. Here are some of the worst confessions that techs see day in and day out. DIY Mistakes The most common problems air conditioner techs come across are those we make for ourselves. Usually something is wrong, or the air doesn’t’ quite feel right. That’s when amateur techs put on the tool belt. It’s also when more problems arise. Keep maintenance to simple tasks. Replace your 3M filtrete air filter and clean out your air ducts. Basic Mistakes Basic mistakes, like leaving the thermostat on for too long, can have lasting consequences that can eventually erode your AC unit. You would also be surprised, or perhaps not, to learn that many people forget to set their AC unit to “cool.” Filters If you’ve lived in your home for longer than one year and you don’t know where your air conditioning filter is located, you’re doing it wrong. Air conditioner filters should be replaced every three months, unless you have a permanent filter. You can remove these filters and wash them in your kitchen sink. Once they are dry, replace them as you would any other filter. Air quality is just one aspect of filters. They also keep your AC from having to push air through blocked filters, which extends the lifespan of your unit. Your Filter Connection is an online store selling brand name air filters, like the Honeywell furnace filter. You can shop 3M, Honeywell and other brands at Your Filter Connection. Related Story: The Lowdown on Electrostatic Furnace Filters Related Story: Central Air Conditioner Repairs You Can Do

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