Custom Furnace Filter Sizes

Your Filter Connection is your one stop shop for air conditioner and heater filters. When we say, “We’ve got your size,” we mean it! If you cannot find the size you need, you can order a custom filter made specifically for your air conditioner or heater. We offer a variety of custom options; however Filtrete air filters are not available in custom sizes at this time. On this page only Accumulair Platinum filters (MERV 11) can be ordered, we also offer the other Accumulair Merv ratings in custom sizes and also different thickness such as 2,4 and 6 inch thick. However if you email us with a different requirement, we might be able to accommodate it.

Please use the following as a guide for ordering a custom replacement furnace filter or air conditioning filter.

  • Check for a ready-made option: Before ordering custom size filters, please be sure they are not a standard-made size by using the "Choose Your Filter Size" drop-down list on the left for anything from a 3M furnace filter to a Honeywell furnace filter. Choosing a ready-made filter will be less costly to you and require less time for you to receive it. If you can’t find what you are looking for continue with your custom order.
  • Measure your filter size: please accurately measure your filter size in increments of 1/8 inch. This will help us size your electrostatic air filter. Please be sure to check out the Accumulair standard sizes you will probably find what you want. Remember there are filters that are actual size and there are filters that are cut smaller them the stated size. ie a filter may be labled a 24x24 but actually measures 23.5x23.5. . If your sizing needs for your replacement Honeywell air filter is outside of the standard size, or you want a MERV 13 filter, please email us.
  • Choose your option: Click on an item below to enter in your measurement specifications. Continue as directed in your shopping cart and make your purchase. You can also email us if you have a special request outside of a Accumulair custom order.
  • Delivery: You will find your order for a replacement furnace filter or air conditioning filter arriving within 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Do note that custom filters are made to your specifications, and once a custom filter order is placed, it cannot be returned for refund or credit.

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