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The air we breathe inside is 2x – 5x more polluted than the air outside according to the EPA. Furnace air filters help protect your home from bacteria, germs, pet dander, allergens, dust and more. Furnace filters should be changed regularly to prevent the build up of air contaminants that may affect you or your family’s respiratory and overall health.

Our name brand and aftermarket air filters for furnaces meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and are electrostatically charged, providing a great value while protecting your home air quality. Shop our discount air filters for furnaces and easily compare MERV / APR efficiency ratings to find the right filter for your needs.

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Furnace Filter Sizes

We carry hundreds of replacement furnace filter sizes including over a hundred sizes of the most commonly used 1-inch furnace filters and 2-inch furnace filters. We also stock less common sizes including 4-inch, 6-inch and can create custom filter sizes if your furnace requires a replacement that is hard to find, keeping true to our ““We’ve Got Your Size” motto.

When and How To Change Your Furnace Filter?

Having a clogged and dirty electrostatic air filter can be as bad or worse than not using one at all. In addition to improved air quality, regularly changing filters helps ensure that your furnace or HVAC unit does not operate inefficiently and require unexpected costly repairs or early replacement.

To know when to change your furnace filter, first check your furnace manual and the filter instructions. Many filters are recommended to be change after 3 months but some may only be used for 1 month. Second, smell the air from your home’s vents. If the air smells musty or dirty, this is a sign your filter is not performing adequately to protect your home’s air quality. Third, a helpful tip is to use a furnace filter whistle. This small but handy device will make a sound when your furnace air filter is clogged 50%. Last, to make buying replacements easy, we offer discount furnace filters and a reminder service.

Have questions about which is best for you? Contact us today and we are glad to help you find the furnace air filter you need.

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