Space-Gard and Aprilaire Home Air Filters

Space-Gard and Aprilaire Home Air Filters are made and optimized for keeping the air around you and your family healthy and clear. Breathing in harmful elements can result in asthma, allergies, and numerous respiratory diseases. Space-Gard furnace filters and Aprilaire furnace filters can help eliminate toxins from the air. From fumes, dust, mold, smoke and harmful elements, like dust mites, mold spores, ragweed, and pet dander, these Space-Gard and Aprilaire replacement furnace filters will keep the air you breathe in regularly fresh and clean. Replacement air filter sizes include 20x25x6, 16x28x6, 20x25.25x3.75, 15.75x27.63x3.75, and 15.75x27.63x3.5.

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Space-Gard and Aprilaire Home Air Filters

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