American Standard Aftermarket 27 Filter BAYFTFREXM2A

27x7x5 (27.8x7.1x5) MERV 13

Aftermarket Replacement For American Standard


American Standard Aftermarket Replacement Filter

  • Approximately 27"(L).
  • 1 filters per case.
  • MERV 13
  • High efficiency filter media collects small dust particles before they can collect on your coils.
  • For retrofit kit model numbers that begin with BAYFTFR. These filters are designed to work with the Trane Retrofit Frame Kit. You must already have the Retrofit Frame Kit for these filters to work in your unit.
  • Also known as: BAYFTFREXM / BAYFTFREXM2A
  • Replace every 6 months.
  • What is MERV
    Merv 13 furnace filters and AC filters can greatly improve indoor air quality by removing household dust, cigarette smoke, microscopic allergens, virus carriers, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and more. The EPA has named Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as one of the top 5 environmental health risks. Today, people spend almost 90% of their time indoors exposed to air contaminants such as household cleaning products, pet dander, secondhand smoke, mold and more. Change your home air filters regularly to avoid temporary discomfort and the long-term health effects of breathing dirty air.
  • Type Whole House Filter
  • Aftermarket Replacement For American Standard
  • Size 27x7x5
  • Actual 27.8x7.1x5
  • Efficiencyi MERV 13 / APR 1950

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