Filtrete Filters

The 1 inch thick 3M Filtrete filter comes in MERV 12 Ultra Allergen, Merv 11 Micro Allergen and MERV 8 (Dust and Pollen) ratings. Filtrete offers 29 standard sizes. We are offering buyers a special sale on cases of standard size Filtrete 3M filters: you will receive a discount on cases of 6 or 12 filters. We also offer free shipping on cases of standard size Filtrete filters. If your size filter is not available, you have the option of ordering a custom Ultra Allergen Filtrete filter.

Custom filters take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. Please make sure you measure your old filter accurately, as custom filters cannot be returned. If you have questions about how to assess the proper size for your custom filter, contact us at 1-888-891-6317.

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