14911 Sears Kenmore Humidifier Wick Filter

14911 Sears Kenmore Humidifier Wick Filter (4 Pack)

Aftermarket Replacement For Sears Kenmore


Sears Kenmore humidifier wick replacement filters with antimicrobial agent!

  • Fits Sears Kenmore humidifier models 14415, 144150, 144170, 14452, 144520, 144521, 144522, 14453, 144530, 144531, 144532, 144533, 14454, 154140, 42.14452, 42.14453, 42.14454, 758.144150, 758.144151, 758.144170, 758.144171, 758.14452, 758.144520, 758.144521, 758.144522, 758.144523, 758.144530, 758.144531, 758.144532, 758.144533, 758.154140, 758.154200, 758.155171, 758.299751C, 758.299752C, 758.299870C.
  • 4 filters per box.
  • Measures approximately 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2".
  • Patented rigid support long lasting design.
  • For optimum performance, replace filter twice a season.

    Humidifier filters must process air that has been pulled in that may contain dust, pet dander or other air particles. Change your humidifier filter often to avoid the negative effects of dry air such as itchy skin, nosebleeds and a dry throat. Today, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. This makes the air we breathe inside important to our short and long-term health. Indoor air pollutants such as household cleaning products, mold and pet dander can be effectively cleaned from the air when a home's air filter is changed every 90 days or sooner. Don't risk you or your families health. Be sure to follow the manufacturer recommendations and even change your HVAC filter sooner if it is dirty when checked.
  • Type Humidifier Filter
  • Item# UFES12=UKE
  • Aftermarket Replacement For Sears Kenmore

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