16x27x1 Air Filter (Furnace or AC)




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16x27x1 Accumulair Furnace Filter APR 2250
Efficiency: APR 2250
Equivalent: N/A
Performance: Best
Actual Size: 15.5x26.5x1
Brand: Accumulair
Item #: FI16X27


Min Qty: 2
16x27x1 Accumulair Furnace Filter Merv 6
Efficiency: APR 450
Equivalent: Merv 6
Performance: Basic
Actual Size: 15.5x26.5x1
Brand: Accumulair
Item #: FC16X27


Min Qty: 2
Important Information

Some frustrating news, the manufacturer we deal with is having issues with the supply chain and manpower, I apologize for this, right now they have a lead time of approximately 3 weeks.

Ok, got it

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