Are Disposable or Permanent Filters Right for You?

January 30 2014
Tagged in Air Filter
When you purchase a replacement furnace filter, you’ll need to make a choice between disposable filters or ones that are permanent. While both types of filters will do an adequate job of keeping potentially harmful particles such as dust, mold and allergens from getting into your home, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each. Doing the research before you buy a 3M filter or any other replacement filter brand is important. Your Filter Connection wants to make sure that you make the right decision for your needs, so we’ve come up with a “cheat sheet” giving you the pros and cons of the different types of filters: Replacement Filters: Replacement furnace filters are significantly more affordable than permanent filters; you can purchase disposable fiberglass filters for a few dollars each. However, the nature of disposable filters means that you’ll need to change them on a regular basis. If you need to replace your filter on a monthly basis, the costs can add up over time and you’ll need to stock up so you can easily replace a filter. There is also a large difference in the quality of replacement filters. Low-end disposable fiberglass filters are the cheapest to buy but do next to nothing to clean the air; higher-end disposable pleated filters such as Filtrete air filters are more expensive but offer a much higher level of filtration. Permanent Filters: While permanent filters are more expensive than replacement filters, they are meant to last; depending on the brand and type, you might be able to use a permanent filter for several years. They do require more maintenance as you need to thoroughly clean them on a regular basis in order to keep them filtering air properly.

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