Changing the Filter for the Long Life of your Heater

October 24 2013
Tagged in Furnace Filters
On cold winter nights and during stormy days, nothing is more comforting than a central heater. It is one of the benefits of modern living. While a fireplace has romantic notions, you wouldn't let ash build up in your home. With this in mind, it is surprising that as much as we will service our fireplaces, a great deal of us neglect to change the simple replacement furnace filters. As much of a pain as floating ash can be, forgetting to change your filters can be even more devastating. In fact, it can be deadly. Filters perform one main function and that is to catch and contain particles that can be produced with a well functioning heater. There are many types, such as the well known Filtrete filters and various other brands. And they are designed to perform this specific purpose. With this in mind, picture all of the dust that gathers on your furniture and belongings from week to week. Of course, regular housework takes care of the mess. But imagine how much dust and other particles that gather in your furnace, especially without months of use. They get consumed in the heating process or have gathered in your home's vents. You wouldn't want a member of your family to breathe any of this. The heater filter takes care of this problem. However, a filter can get filled by these particles and this will stop the flow of air that the furnace needs to do it's job effectively. At best, it can break down and may contaminate your environment with these unhealthy particles. At the very worst, this can lead to a fire within your home. And so, for safety's sake, change your filters with products available with us here at Your Filter Connection on a regular basis.

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