Don’t Overlook These Spots if You Want Your Home to Keep its Value

November 03 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Written by: Your Filter Connection If you want your home to keep its value, don’t forget these overlooked trouble spots. As we head into the winter months, many home owners are reviewing their maintenance costs for the year and assessing their investments. Most of the big jobs are probably taken care of, but have you truly maintained your home this year? Have you found every nook and cranny that can leech value from your property, like your air filter or draft spots on the windows and doors? Read on for some of the places people commonly overlook when searching for what to fix in their home. Furnaces The furnace is sometimes connected to your HVAC unit, but most of us rarely even open that part of the home. In reality, we should be swapping out our furnace air filter at least twice a year. Manufacturers suggest as often as every three months, which is excellent for your home’s energy efficiency. Aside from furnace filters, you’ll need to oil the motor on older units. Have an inspector look at your unit if it’s been more than five years since your last checkup, and never store hazardous chemicals near the furnace. The heat could set off some kind of reaction, which could potentially damage your home. Heat Leakers If you walk the house during the cold, you can find places that leak heat by the drafts you feel. Small cracks or openings in windows and doorways eventually increase your energy bills. As those bills increase, so too does your usage of your furnace and AC systems. Avoiding that long term wear will extend the value of your home, even if it’s not directly related to property value.

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