Every Filter for Keeping Allergens Out of Your House

September 30 2013
Tagged in Air Filter
There are plenty of pollutants outside of your home.  Our job at Your Filter Connection is to help you keep them out!  Let us help you choose the right filter for your home unit and provide you with the assistance to know when to replace it in a timely manner to prevent the filter from becoming a source of air pollution itself. We have a wide array of Filtrete filter sizes and options to fit any home unit. Our 3M Filtrete filter is available in MERV 12 Ultra Allergen, MERV 11 Micro Allergen and MERV 8 (dust and pollen) ratings.  They are also offered in 29 standard sizes to fit almost any filtration unit.  If we do not carry your size, we can have one custom made for you. A Filtrate is an advanced filter that is specially designed to capture allergens like pet dander and pollen to keep them from entering or circulating inside of your home.  Utilizing a Filtrate for your home air filters is almost as efficient as using an electronic air cleaner system. Your Filter Connection also covers your furnace filtration needs.  Furnaces can be a tremendous source of air pollution.  Making sure to properly maintain your furnace filter will keep allergens out of your house.  Our experts can recommend the right filter for your furnace and help you schedule out when the filter should be replaced next based on your usage.  We provide several sizes for a replacement furnace filter from the top brands in the industry.

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