Everything You Need to Know About Electrostatic Furnace Filters

April 18 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
Written by Your Filter Connection If you’re in the market for replacement filters, you might have already heard about the electrostatic furnace filter. If not, don’t worry. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about these popular filters. What is an Electrostatic Furnace Filter? An electrostatic furnace filter is also known as an electronic filter, a type of filter that works using static electricity. Why buy an electrostatic furnace filter? For many consumers, this product does a better job at keeping the quality of the indoor air nice and clean. An electrostatic furnace captures debris and also combats bacteria, mold, viruses, and pollen, all of which are responsible for causing illness and allergies. It’s Eco-Friendly If you’re concerned about the environment, you might want to say goodbye to traditional filters such as the disposable ones. Many consumers who are in the same boat have already stopped purchasing throwaway screens in exchange for electrostatic furnace filters. Electrostatic filters reduce waste because you don’t have to throw it away. It’s User-Friendly An electrostatic filter is very easy to use. The filter is simple to install and very simple to clean. To keep your filter clean and working at its best, remove it from the machine and wash it with water. It’s best to do this once a month. If you’re in the market for an electrostatic furnace filter or 3m air filters, you will love Your Filter Connection. Visit our website to shop brand name filters at great prices. We deliver straight to your home or office. Your Filter Connection carries a large selection of the top name brand filters on the market, including the electrostatic air filter you need.

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