Fiberglass Vs. Electrostatic Home Air Filters

June 28 2013
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Do electrostatic home air filters really work as well as we say they do? Here are some arguments for an electrostatic air filter: The Dirty on Fiberglass: Inexpensive fiberglass filters only filter out about 5% of dust, rendering them relatively useless. They can really only filter out the larger dust particles, which means that most allergens get continually circulated around your home. Finer fragments of dust that pass through a cheaper air conditioner filter are what really cause the most allergy problems, which means you'll need a better solution to get your dust problems under control. Plus, fiberglass filters usually can't be reused, so with the recommended change every 1-3 months, you'll be spending a whole lot more on filters than you need to be. What Electrostatic Filters Can Do: Electrostatic filters like the 3M Filtrete air filter have demonstrated their ability to remove 99% of dust from the air under scrutiny. If you find that you are constantly wiping your furniture surfaces to remove dust build up, you may want to consider getting an electrostatic filter. These filters have layers of man-made fibers that are statically charged. The first layer is positively charge, the second negative, the third positive again, and so on. When particles travel through the first layer they become positively charged, and then when they reach the next layer, the opposite negative charge pulls them like a magnet. The more layers the particles have to travel through, the more likely they will be caught in the filter. Even microscopic sized dust particles the size of bacteria can be caught in a quality electrostatic filter. As you can see, an electrostatic filter from Your Filter Connection is a top choice for filter replacements. View our selection of filters online to find your size and quality rating.

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