Furnace Home Maintenance Tips

August 11 2018
Furnace Home Maintenance Tips

Furnace Home Maintenance Tips


During any season, but especially the summer and winter, you want to be able to know that you can trust and rely on your furnace to work as efficiently as possible. That’s because it’s more likely for our furnaces to give out and require repairs when harsh weather conditions are present and we need our heating and air conditioning the most.


However, with a few easy DIY furnace maintenance tips, you’ll be able to check that your unit is working at its maximum capacity without having to go to the expense of calling in professionals. Many homeowners overlook the importance of giving their furnaces more TLC, but it doesn’t take all that much time at all and can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Change Your Furnace Filter


When your furnace is working at high-use over a long period of time, the filter can get fairly dirty and blocked up due to the debris that it removes from the atmosphere. As the filter works to remove pollutants from the air, it’s also prone to the build-up of grime and dust which can affect how efficiently it works



changing furnace filter 


If your furnace filter is dirty, then the air flow will be restricted and your furnace won’t be producing good air quality. That’s why you should try to change your air filter at least once every 3 months during the seasons where you use your unit the most. And, you should regularly check the state of the new filter as well. See our other blog article to learn how to replace your home’s filters and see all our furnace filter sizes.


Test Your Thermostat


It somewhat goes without saying that, if your thermostat isn’t in good working condition, then your whole unit will be working inefficiently. The thermostat is the main component of your furnace that regulates the temperature throughout your entire property. Therefore, you want to make sure that your thermostat is level and receiving the correct readings.


furnace thermostat



Nowadays, digital thermostats are more commonplace with newer furnace units, and they’re handy for getting accurate readings while cutting down on your utility costs. One simple and inexpensive tip is to make sure you replace the batteries to prevent issues arising. If you don’t already have a digital thermostat, considering purchasing one. More accurate readings can lead to your HVAC unit only running when necessary which will save you extra money.


Clean The Blower And Inspect Vents


The blower is the part of your unit that is responsible for moving the hot air through your property’s air vents and ducts. If the blower isn’t kept clean and in good quality condition, then the furnace will not be able to efficiently circulate air throughout your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to unscrew and remove the blower from the unit and clean it with a small brush.


furnace blowerfurnace vents


Likewise, it’s also important that you regularly inspect the vents and ducts of your furnace. All units are prone to wear and tear, so it’s good to conduct inspections to ensure that there are no leaks in the vents that distribute the air throughout your home. If you do find any leaks, then you can either seal them with metal tape or replace the duct if necessary. Even if you do need to call in professional help, doing a quick inspection can save you a lot of hassle and prevent future problems emerging.


Check For Corrosion


No matter how trustworthy your unit may be, all types of machinery can suffer from corrosion, especially if they’re being put to a large amount of use. This is particularly true for older furnaces as they’re more susceptible to breaking down and needing repairs. To check for corrosion, inspect the exhaust vents of your unit – if you can see a white powdery substance, there’s a good chance your unit needs a few repairs.



home furnace system


It’s also a good idea to check the efficiency of your unit depending on its age and how much it’s costing you. If you have a unit that’s more than 15 years old, replacing it could save you more money in the long term.



Make sure that your furnace is in the best possible condition with these rather quick and simple home maintenance tips. By taking a few moments out of your day and following these simple furnace maintenance tips you could save yourself money on each month’s bill and the need for costly repairs in the future.




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