Holiday Tips to Stay Warm and Safe

November 22 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
Now that the holidays are here, you’ll want to make sure your forced-air system is heating your home the way it ought to. Keeping your space warm is also a matter of safety, as a poorly maintained system can cause a fire in the home, or make it harder for you to sleep Here are some tips to keep your home warm, and your forced-air system functioning safely. Have a Technician Switch the Pilot Light On Before you power your heating unit on for the year, have a technician switch on your pilot light and inspect your system. This will help you see what problems you’ll encounter without paying too much to do repairs. An inspector will point out things like home air filters that need replacing, or coils that need cleaning. They may even perform these services free of charge, so definitely have your unit inspected before the winter hits in full. Replace Your Filter 3M furnace filters offer significant benefits to those who suffer from allergies, but that is not the only reason to replace a filter. It’s true that a filter will improve air quality, but it also keeps your system running smoothly. A clogged filter isn’t cleaning the air, and it forces your system to work harder. Avoid Obstructions Keep the area where your HVAC unit is stored free from obstructions. You should be especially careful if you’re dealing with items that can catch fire, such as cardboard or plastic. Clearing your area of obstructions also makes sure that air flow is not restricted.
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