Home Air Cleaners for Asthma

February 25 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Written by Your Filter Connection Millions of Americans live with asthma, a chronic lung condition that is characterized by chronic coughing, shortness of breath, and frequent respiratory infections. People with asthma also experience wheezing, rapid breathing, and chest tightness. Although there is no cure for asthma, people with the condition can avoid major attacks by not breathing in allergens and airborne irritants. While this might be impossible in outdoor conditions, it is possible to cleanse the air we breathe inside our homes with home air filters. Breathing Cleaner Air If you or someone in your household suffers from asthma, a home air cleaner can help to clarify the air inside the home, making it easier to breathe. How? The right air purifier can get rid of airborne contaminants such as mold, mildew, pet dander, dust mites, and pollens, all of which can irritate the lungs of people with asthma. A home air cleaner can also help combat smoke and other odors that can irritate the lungs. Maintaining Your Home Air Filter Along with buying a home air filter, you can improve the air you breathe by properly maintaining the unit. This means changing the filter on time, every three months. You can find the filter you need at Your Filter Connection. You might have to change it more often depending on the environment in your home. For example, if you have pets or if someone smokes inside the home, consider changing the filter once a month or when it is visibly dirty. Your Filter Connection is an online retailer of replacement filters for air conditioning units, air cleaners, and humidifiers. Visit the website to purchase an electrostatic furnace filter or residential air filter.

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