How an Electrostatic Air Filter Removes the Most Dust

June 28 2013
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
The reason why an  electrostatic air filter is so terrific at eliminating dust from the air is due to the types of fibers used within the filters and their properties. Polyurethane and Polypropylene blends are developed in order to produce static electricity to catch particles that pass through. The science behind this can be compared to how a balloon develops static electrical energy when you rub it on your head. The general rule of thumb is that the more layers you have in electrostatic Filtrete air filters, the better it will be at pulling virtually all the dust that travels through it onto itself. Like a magnet, the filter can hold dust so well, that the air passing through won't blow it around your living space. You simply just need to remove the dust by vacuum or water hose to every month or so to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly. This kind of capability to hold fragments of dust by your residential air filter is a simple way to keep the air quality in your home to the highest standards. The fibers of the electrostatic air filter have numerous layers to catch a great amount of dust. When you install your air filter, you will discover that the side that is closest to the air vent has 2 to 6 layers of woven polyurethane and polypropylene products. To the naked eye it looks a lot like fiberglass filters, but works much more effectively. View our selection at Your Filter Connection to find the right filter for your needs.

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