How Filtrete Filters Protect Heating and Cooling Units

May 30 2013
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
Without a Filtrete filter system in your air conditioner or furnace, the dust would cover it so heavily that the components would malfunction. For example, having a clean filter in your heating unit ensures that the coils and other parts of your system transfer heat effectively. Without an efficient means to transfer heat, you will find that your machine uses up a lot more energy, causing you to pay a lot more in energy bills. Simply changing your 3m filter out every three months, and every month during seasons of high use, can keep your heating and cooling units running smoothly. Things to think about when considering how often you will need to change an air filter is how much construction, pollen or pet dander you have in your area. Dirty air outside will cover your filter a lot more quickly. So when a season of heavy use begins, start by inspecting your air filter. Inspect it once a month to make sure that air has enough room to pass through without being impeded by an overload of dust. Keeping your 3m Filtrete air filter clean is bound to improve the air quality in your home. Dust that normally would be caught on the filter is now circulating around your home and can be particularly harmful to asthmatics or people who suffer from allergies. If you notice that your surfaces are dustier than normal, it may be time to change your air filter soon in your heating or cooling unit. Keeping your filter changed if you have young kids can actually help prevent breathing problems in the future. Consult a professional at Your Filter Connection to see what type of filter your unit needs.

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