How Proper Air Filtration Builds Healthy Industries

August 23 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
The quality of air in the home and workplace has long-term effects on your health. The EPA even has some regulations and ideas on improving the air quality in your home. Many industries rely on having excellent air quality, so it’s crucial to have powerful air filtration that can clean and sanitize the air around you. Healthcare Electrostatic air filters are crucial to hospitals. Temperatures need to be regulated in the hospital, and it’s very important to stop the flow of germs and bacteria that would otherwise circulate naturally. Some patients have compromised immune systems, others have conditions that are directly affected by temperature. It’s the duty of the hospital to keep these areas free from cross-contamination. Everyday Life A residential air filter helps to improve the air quality of the home. It’s good for homes with pets, because dander accumulates quickly. Air filters should be changed regularly so that your HVAC system will stay in good working order. If someone in your home has allergies, use hypo-allergenic filters to help improve their breathing. Air Pollution Filters in our cars and homes also help to keep out air pollution from the world around you. Air pollution can affect you indoors as well, which is why so much money goes into industrial air filtration systems. Filtrete filters are popular replacements, but you can work on eliminating the source of pollution too. For example, a smoker might consider smoking outdoors to cut down on air pollution in the home. Your Filter Connection sells Filtrete filters for home and commercial use. Find a replacement air filter for your HVAC unit or furnace at Your Filter Connection online. Related Story: Address Health Concerns in the Home Related Story: Air Purifiers: Filtering the Claims

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