How to Change an Air or Furnace Filter

May 24 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
The air filter in your HVAC system does a few important jobs related to the quality of air in your home. The first job the filter has is to remove harmful particulates from the air. Bacteria, pet dander and other particles are caught up in the filter as air is circulated around the home. Next, the filter must assist in removing moisture from the air to create a cool and dry environment. Under heavy use, your filter can get dirty quickly. Here is everything you need to know to replace it. Locate the Filter The filter on your air conditioner is usually located behind some kind of protective grating. The unit is usually located outside, but the filter is often in or near one of the ducts in your home. Wall units have them just behind a plastic grating. Turn the air conditioner off during this step. Remove the Filter Grip the top of the filter and pull on it until it comes loose from its fitting. Occasionally, you may run into a metal strip designed to secure the filter in place. If this happens to you, unscrew the screws holding the filter in place, then slide the filter out by gripping it from the top and pulling. Be sure to measure the filter and look for identifying numbers on it, as you will need those specifications to purchase a proper replacement. Replace the Filter Once you’ve removed the old filter, pop the filter back into place. 3m furnace filters have guide arrows that show you exactly how to position the screen before you insert it into the duct. Your Filter Connection sells air filters, including 3m filters, for your HVAC system. Shop a variety of air filters online at Your Filter Connection.

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