How to Perform a Furnace Checkup

November 15 2014
Tagged in Furnace Filters
As we approach the winter months, and the snow begins to fall, we’re running out of time to perform those last minute checkups before the prime-time starts for technicians. Demand will be high this winter, driving the cost of maintenance even higher. You can perform a simple checkup for yourself, which will save the technician time and you money. You can also fix the easy things, like ordering a replacement furnace filter, so you don’t pay for a job you can do yourself. Here are some more tips to perform your own furnace checkup. Cycle the System The first sign that something is amiss is a burning smell coming from the ducts. It’s normal for this to occur the first time you cycle the system, especially if it’s been months since you used it, but continued smells are a sign your furnace filter may need replacing. A new Honeywell furnace filter can offer hypo-allergenic properties that will protect you from particles like pet dander and bacteria from open windows. Check the Motor As the unit is running, check the motor to see if there are any issues you can hear. You might hear some rattling or some squeaking, which can be a sign of many problems. Usually, it means the panel attached to the unit is loose, but it can also relate to the motor itself. The motor may need oiling, or maintanence better suited to a technician. Always test and fix what you can yourself, but don’t hesitate to call a professional when you encounter a job you don’t understand.
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