How to Receive Your Filters on Time

March 19 2014
Tagged in 3m Filters
At Your Filter Connection, we’re always reminding our customers about the importance of replacing their filters on time. For example, our 3M furnace filters should be replaced every three months. But it’s hard to not only remember when to buy a new filter, but also find time to purchase it online. Not anymore. Your Filter Connection is proud to introduce our Auto Reorder service for customers who want to receive their filters on time. Our Auto Reorder service takes the hassle out of reorders your 3m air filter or furnace filter. How does it work? To sign up for this service, simply select how often you would like your filters delivered to your door. We offer a large selection of filters for various units, including furnaces, air filters, humidifiers, and air conditioning units. If you own more than one of these units, you can choose the Auto Reorder service for as many units as you need. When an order is shipped, we automatically charge your credit card account. Using our handy Auto Reorder service, you can now get your 3M filters on your schedule. If you don’t know which filter to order, please give us a call. You can also find helpful information on our website. Never live with a dirty filter again! Sign up for our Auto Reorder service to get your filters on time.

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