How to Safeguard Your Lungs as Air Quality Decreases

August 05 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Written by: Your Filter Connection As air quality decreases, air filtration will become increasingly more important. A replacement Honeywell air filter is a less-than-$20 purchase that has a huge benefit to your lungs. Air quality is decreasing, so air filtration will become more important in the coming decades. Use Filtration Air filters are some of the most important parts of an air conditioner, and one of the biggest contributors to the lifespan of that unit. A good air filter not only blocks harmful particulates, it increases the air quality in your home. Using filtration, especially when you have pets, is also part of setting up a healthy bedroom that is allergen free. When you run your air conditioner at night, if you don’t clean your filter, you could be harming your sinuses long term. Reduce Pollution Another option is to cut back on your own carbon footprint. You could go the obvious route and get a hybrid car, but there are small adjustments you can make that carry a smaller cost upfront. For instance, you can cut your power usage over all. You can also practice natural methods of composting, thereby cutting the amount of commercially manufactured goods you need. Look for creative methods to reduce your footprint without making substantial financial commitments. Avoid Debris One of the fastest ways to pollute the air in our house is messing with substances like asbestos. These speckled roofs must be removed by trained professionals using special equipment, or else there is a substantial health risk involved. Debris caused from construction and disposal is another problem. Furnace filters on coal plants are just one method that we have used to try and solve this issue. More regulations are incoming. Related Story: The Components to an HVAC System Related Story: HVAC Systems: How They Work

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