How You Know It's Time To Change Your Home Air Filters

June 28 2013
Tagged in Home Air Filters
If you've been keeping up with our blog, you know how important it is to change your home air filters out every 1-3 months. Every three months is good for off-seasons, but checking it every month by sliding it out of your furnace or air conditioner is still highly recommended. Filters are rectangular in shape and about a half an inch to a full inch in thickness. They have white pleated fibers inside an aluminum grating that looks a lot like a chain link fence. Once you pull out your heater or air conditioner filter for inspection, look to see how much debris has gathered on the material. You'll be able to recognize dust build up as a fleece-like, grey covering. As a rule of thumb, if it is so grimy that you cannot see to the white fibers of the filter, you have probably waited too long to clean or replace it. Although the three month recommendation for changing an air filter is the most usual length of time between replacements, you'll still want to check it more often. At Your Filter Connection, we know that changing your air filter enable the system to run efficiently and with very little energy use. Your device will be utilizing more and more energy to pull the air though the fibers if your filter is covered with dust. The stress put on the motor requires it to undergo more consistent repairs and eventual failure. Simply inspecting your air filter every month ensures that you are only paying for filter costs, and not a brand new expensive system. Filter recommendations from us include the Honeywell furnace filter, a trusted brand for decades and one of our top selling items.

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