The Components to an HVAC System

June 24 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Before the summer hits, maintain your air conditioner so you can lower the costs to run the air. The summer heat is here, and if your AC isn’t in good working order you’re probably feeling it. Your air conditioning unit is comprised of several important components, including the air conditioner filter. Knowing those parts will help you maintain your unit in time for the change of the seasons. Components An HVAC unit has three main components: a warm side, a cool side, and the air ducts that circulate air in your home. When you turn the AC on, the system forces coolant through tubes to cool your home. The compressor creates cool air by pressurizing the coolant. A residential filter keeps the air in your home free from allergens and other particulates. Basic Operation The unit reads the internal temperature of your room, then begins pumping cool air into the space to try to reach the desired temperature requested by the user (you). The thermostat uses those settings to periodically to test whether your home is cooled. Cool air also disrupts pockets of humidity that gather in your home, which is why you usually see moisture dripping from an air conditioning unit. Air Quality The filters in your air ducts determine the quality of the air you breathe. Replacing your filters regularly means less allergens, and a smaller build up of bacteria. Failure to replace the unit will block the filters and force your compressor to work over time trying to push air through the clogged filters. It’s bad for energy consumption, and bad for your respiratory system. Your Filter Connection sells replacement furnace filters for home and commercial HVAC systems. Replace your air filter today when you order from Your Filter Connection.

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