The Secrets to Saving Money on HVAC Systems

May 15 2014
Tagged in Air Conditioner Filter
As the temperatures rise, so do the costs. These tips will help keep your power bill low from HVAC usage. Written by: Your Filter Connection HVAC systems get expensive, especially during particularly warm summers. With temperatures rising early this year, everyone is looking for ways to lower their cooling bills. From air filters to daily usage, here are the secrets to saving money on your HVAC system. Filters A replacement furnace filter can shave hundreds of dollars per year off the cost of running your air conditioner or heater. Replacement filters will need frequent maintenance under heavy usage, so a permanent filter that is washable will make up the upfront cost within a year or two of usage. You may also need a particular type of filter for allergen purposes, so shop around online for the best possible price before you buy. Exterior Improvements Besides the electrostatic filter, you can make improvements to the outside of your house to shield your home from the sun. Try planting some leafy trees around the rim of your home to shield your windows from direct sunlight. Most heat comes from sunlight hitting your windows or your roof, but trees around your AC unit can help improve efficiency too. You might also try solar screens on windows facing East and West so you can absorb some of the heat before it enters your home. Comfort Levels Comfort level has a lot to do with cost. While you’re not home or sleeping, set the thermostat a little higher. You’ll maintain a cool temperature for the home all day long, and you can save on the cost of running central air by giving your thermostat a bit more leeway.

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