Top Indoor Allergen Triggers

September 25 2014
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Allergens typically invade your senses when you step outside, but they can seep indoors as well. Identifying them can be a difficult proposition, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Allergens inside the home can affect everything from sleep patterns to breathing patterns. It’s important to identify the top triggers that may occur inside your home, and to utilize a Filtrete air filter that can neutralize the problem. Smoke and Odors Smoke of any kind can cause breathing problems for those sensitive to it. Bacon, for instance, produces a carcinogen similar to cigarettes. Fireplace fixtures that burn wood also leave behind smoke in the home, so it’s best to switch to smokeless logs or gas if you can manage it. Odors left behind by cleaning products can also affect someone’s respiratory system, especially cleaners with heavy chemicals. Bugs and Animals There is a strong link between people with asthma, and cockroaches. When roaches die, they decompose and leave behind dust particles that cause problems when inhaled. Additionally, pets leave behind dander like fur and hair that can mess with your breathing. The best solution is to vacuum thoroughly, and to exterminate pests as they infest your space. Clogged Filters If your HVAC filter is clogged, it can prevent your system from catching harmful particulates. It’s recommended that you replace your Filtrete filter at least once every three months, but you should check it routinely to be sure the filter is still working properly. Related Story: Introducing the Filter Reminder Service Related Story: Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality Your Filter Connection sells Filtrete air filters by 3M. Order your residential air filters online today at Your Filter Connection.

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