Types of Filters- from Electrostatic Furnace Filters to 3M Filters

July 25 2013
Tagged in 3m Filters
Your Filter Connection is the best place to go when it is time to purchase a new filter. If the one you have right now is not filtering your air as thoroughly as it should be, even if you have only had it for a month, chances are you need a better filter. And who better to go to than us? We offer the best customer service and large variety for all filters, from air conditioner filters to furnace filters. We have the solution for you! If you are currently using a fiberglass or washable filter, you might not be getting the cleanest air that you could get. These filters tend to not catch the smaller particles of dust, still allowing it to circulate through your home. We offer a solution for you- an electrostatic furnace filter. What this filter does that fiberglass or washable filters do not is attract all types of charged particles- whether it is positively charged or negatively charged. This means that it can clean your air more effectively because it draws all dust particles to it, including static charges left in the air after doing laundry, or static charges caused by friction within your home. 3M filters are some of our most effective filters. With air that can be two to five times more dirty inside than outside, it can keep your home clean and safe with proper usage and replacement.  So order from us today- check out our large stock of items, sizes, and prices to fit what you are looking for or need!

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