Where Can I Find My Honeywell Furnace Air Filter

May 30 2013
Tagged in Furnace Filters
Winter and summer are times when your air conditioner or heater has to work the hardest to move air throughout your home. The near constant use puts a lot of stress on the motor when it isn’t given rest time. Changing your heater or air conditioner filter every month during seasons of heavy use can improve the quality of work that your heating and cooling systems perform, as well as saving energy and improving air quality. During off seasons, it is possible to change the filter every three months. However, the monthly changing rule can still greatly improve the quality of how your machine works. The best rule of thumb is to perform a routine inspection of your Honeywell furnace filter every month of the year to see if the filter needs to be changed or not. Seasons with high pollen can clog the filter faster even if you don’t use the heating or cooling system often. During use of your heating or cooling system, pet dander, pollen and dust start to cake onto the filter instead of clogging your device. This is why a heater filter does such a good job; it protects the components inside the heating system. However if the air filter becomes too covered in debris, the air has less room to pass through. This means that the motor in your unit has to work harder to get the air through the machine. This reduced air flow means it takes a lot longer to heat or cool your home, as well as a spike in energy bills, and a reduced longevity of the components of the machine. It is preferred to change your filter every month to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly. Experts at Your Filter Connection can advise you on which filter is best for you.

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